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Peter Schimmelfennig (German for ShinyPenny)

Peter has been in the Customer Service business all of his life. Having owned and operated a successful automotive repair shop for over twenty years he has mastered the simple to state, but often difficult to fulfill, tenements of excellent Customer Service:

Trust, Follow Through,
And above all Communicate from the heart.

Peter grew up in rural Livermore, California, on a family owned chicken ranch of 100,000 birds. As the farm morphed into a grape vineyard for the bustling wineries of the area, he became no stranger to hard work and what it means to those around him.

He started in real estate in the late 90’s and has purchased several investor properties which he has refurbished and operated as rentals. For several years he and his wife of nineteen years, owned and operated a very attractive Historic Hotel and Saloon in the Sierra foothills….more practice in customer service and fulfilling of expectations.

Peter makes his home in the Lake Don Pedro community and calls Central California his front porch. Expect tip-top service and customer support from Peter when hunting for your next life time dream property.

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